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Charging Methodology Cut-off Date


Charging Methodology Cut-off Date

DCP293 - Charging Methodology Cut-off Date

DCUSA has a requirement for DNOs to provide fifteen months' notice of changes to Use of System charges. This necessitates DNOs to have complete and final versions of the charging methodologies and a complete and final suite of fully tested charging models (CDCM, EDCM, PCDM and ARP) for the relevant charging year prior to initiating the calculation and validation of revised charges.
This change looks to establish a cut-off date for the finalisation of the charging methodologies at 17 months prior to the date that the methodology would become effective. Establishing this cut-off date will provide a 2-month time window for DCUSA to provide charging models and DNOs to test the new charging models and then to calculate, test and approve revised charges.