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Change Proposal Register – Archive​

The Change Proposal Register Archive provides information related to Change Proposals that have been previously implemented, rejected or withdrawn. You can sort the Change Proposals by area and status. If you follow the link to the Change Proposal in question you can find out more about the Change Proposal, and where applicable the associated Working Group and their meetings.   ​​

Changes to the DCUSA can be proposed by any Party and by certain other individuals specified in the DCUSA. There are a number of potential progression routes for each Change Proposal and this Change Register details the status of each of the current Change Proposals. All Change Proposals are voted on by those DCUSA Parties affected by the change. Some changes to the DCUSA are self-governed, meaning that the Party vote determines whether or not the change is made. For other Change Proposals, that meet certain specified criteria, Ofgem makes the final decision and in these cases the Party vote acts as a recommendation to Ofgem, as to whether the change should be made.

Number Title Status Expected Implementation Date Impacted Parties
346Amendment to Code of Practice Confirmed Theft DefinitionImplemented07/11/2019Supplier
345Sandbox ApplicationImplemented26/11/2019CVA Registrant, Distribution Network Operator (DNO), Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO), Supplier
339Amend definition of ‘Other Charges’ in Clause 19.2.1 to exclude the recovery of approved Last Resort Supply Payment ClaimsImplemented--
338Update to the ETDIS ScheduleImplemented01/04/2019-
337Resolution of Housekeeping ItemsImplemented27/06/2019CVA Registrant, Distribution Network Operator (DNO), Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO), Offshore Transmission System Operator (OTSO), Supplier
336Rota Disconnections and the publication of data by Nominated Central SourceImplemented07/11/2019Distribution Network Operator (DNO), Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO), Supplier
335Provision of email contact details for use in Incident Management scenariosImplemented--
334Update to Schedule 15 (‘Cost Information Table’) to maintain alignment with the distribution licenceImplemented--
331Right to Audit ETTOS Tip Off InvestigationsImplemented28/02/2019-
330TRAS Escalation ProcessImplemented01/02/2019-