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DCUSA Parties

DCUSA Parties

Parties that have acceded to the DCUSA

Please find below a list of names and registered numbers of Parties that have acceded to the DCUSA.

You can view the key information of the parties such as Contract Manager details, MPID, and Category.

Name Category Company Number Accession Date
FUSION ELEC LTDSafe Isolation Provider1357253426/01/2024
DOLLYMANS STORAGE LIMITEDCVA Registrant1091563412/01/2024
INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTION CONNECTION SPECIALISTS LIMITEDIndependent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO)1390126606/10/2023
ADVANCED ELECTRICITY NETWORKS LIMITEDIndependent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO)1465779321/12/2023
FULMAR SERVICES LIMITEDSafe Isolation Provider1206710321/12/2023
VPI POWER LIMITEDCVA RegistrantSC18912420/10/2023
A COOLE ELECTRICAL LIMITEDSafe Isolation Provider0662846520/10/2023
RODGERS ELECTRICAL SERVICES LIMITEDSafe Isolation ProviderSC34658622/09/2023
OCTOPUS ENERGY SERVICES LIMITEDSafe Isolation Provider1043439722/09/2023
E.ON UK ENERGY SERVICES LIMITEDSafe Isolation Provider0561566919/07/2023