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DCUSA Parties

Please find below a list of names and registered numbers of Parties that have acceded to the DCUSA.

You can view the key information of the parties such as Contract Manager details, MPID, and Category.

Name Category Company Number Accession Date
INDIGO POWER LIMITEDIndependent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO)12159646 19/08/2020
RWE Generation UK PLCCVA Registrant-19/08/2020
COLORADO ENERGY LIMITEDSupplier11042663 15/07/2020
GFP TRADING LIMITEDCVA Registrant0949001017/06/2020
FORBURY ASSETS LIMITEDIndependent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO)11024024 20/05/2020
DYCE ENERGY LIMITEDSupplier0999579620/11/2019
ALASKA ENERGY LIMITEDSupplier1104237815/01/2020
P3P ENERGY SUPPLY LIMITEDSupplier1087250915/01/2020
CENTRICA BRIGG LIMITEDCVA Registrant02352390 15/01/2020