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DCUSA Ltd is a company established, owned, and funded by parties to the DCUSA. The main activity of DCUSA Ltd is to administer the governance of the DCUSA.

Panel and Board

The DCUSA Panel is responsible for matters relating to the DCUSA document including progressing proposed changes to the agreement and the day to day operations. Panel members are elected from within the industry. Panel members are also Board members for DCUSA Ltd. The Board is responsible for overseeing matters related to DCUSA Ltd.

Working Groups and Sub-Groups

To assist in their work, the Panel and Board may establish working groups and sub-groups. Working Groups comprising of experts from within the industry are regularly established to discuss and develop DCUSA Change Proposals. The Panel may also establish project working groups, for example the Smart Working Issues Group (SWIG), that monitor and devise solutions for broader developments and challenges. TheStanding Issues Group (SIG) is established by the DCUSA document. An example of a Board Sub-Committee is the Finance and Audit Committee (FAC), which advises on issues related to the DCUSA budget and audits.


The daily operations of the DCUSA arrangements are assisted by the Secretariat.

DCUSA Change Process

To amend any of the text within the DCUSA, the change process as defined within the DCUSA document must be followed. Please find the Change Proposal register available here​.