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Our history

The Distribution Connection and Use of System Agreement (DCUSA) was established in October 2006 as a multi-party contract between the licensed electricity Distributors, Suppliers and Generators of Great Britain.

It is concerned with the use of the electricity distribution systems to transport electricity to or from connections to them. The DCUSA replaced numerous bi-lateral contracts, giving a common and consistent approach to the relationships between these parties in the electricity industry. It is a requirement that all licensed electricity Distribution Businesses, Suppliers and CVA Registrants become Parties to the DCUSA.


ElectraLink has been appointed as Secretariat for DCUSA. They manage the day-to-day activities to ensure the smooth running of DCUSA. The Secretariat also performs the role of the Code Administrator. The core functions of the Code Administrator are to assist the DCUSA Panel and any of it’s sub-groups to carry out their duties effectively.

The Code Administrator is there to help all parties. It can help members understand the change process and different services offered by DCUSA. ElectraLink also has the ability to assist Parties with the drafting of Change Proposals.


DCUSA Ltd is a company established, owned, and funded by parties to the DCUSA. The main activity of DCUSA Ltd is to administer the governance of the DCUSA.

Since its launch, DCUSA has expanded to include Distributor to Distributor relationships and interactions with Gas Suppliers.

Panel & Board

The DCUSA Panel is responsible for matters relating to the DCUSA document including progressing proposed changes to the agreement and the day to day operations. Panel members are elected from within the industry. Panel members are also Board members for DCUSA Ltd. The Board is responsible for overseeing matters related to DCUSA Ltd.


Meet The DCUSA Panel

Our Parties

Authorised party members can find list of names and registered numbers of Parties that have acceded to the DCUSA. You can view the key information of the parties such as Contract Manager details, MPID, and Category.