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​Theft Risk Assessment Service

Why did the project come about?

Theft of energy has a material impact on energy consumers in terms of cost and safety. It also leads to a misallocation of costs among energy suppliers, which can distort competition and hamper the efficient functioning of the market.

In August 2011, Ofgem undertook an initial consultation on proposals to strengthen the arrangements for tackling theft of gas via proposed licence conditions on gas suppliers. Under an Ofgem Direction, new licence obligations on gas suppliers to detect, prevent and investigate theft came into effect on 7 January 2013. The directive states that gas suppliers are to implement a central service to assess the risk of theft of gas at consumer premises and so help target theft investigations.

A TRAS Working Group, made up of gas and electricity industry parties was formed to define the service requirements for the TRAS procurement. Working with Ofgem to ensure that the TRAS is developed in accordance with the Direction, and with the Information Commissioner's Office to make certain that data privacy matters are managed appropriately.

How will this central service be developed?

In April 2014, ElectraLink was appointed as the dual fuel energy TRAS Project and Procurement Manager under the SPAA and DCUSA governance frameworks. ElectraLink subsequently managed a single non-OJEU procurement on behalf of SPAA Ltd and DCUSA Ltd to source and select a single Energy TRAS provider. This procurement concluded with the appointment of Experian as the TRAS Service Provider on 17 June 2015.

Since then, ElectraLink has been overseeing the implementation of the TRAS. This is due to complete in March 2016 when the TRAS will be operational. 

​Pha​​se​Description​Target Date
​Phase 1 - High Level Plan​Production of a joint Electricity and Gas procurement plan​April 2014
​Phase 2 - Requirements and RFP preparation​Confirmation of requirements and RFP tender document preparation​​May 2014 - September 2014
​Phase 3 - Procurement​Issue RFP, Perform Procurement evaluation, negotiation and award contract​September 2014 - May 2015
​Phase 4 - Implementation*​Develop systems, perform integration / acceptance testingMay 2015 - March 2016

If you have specific questions please contact the project team by emailing

Where else can I find information on the TRAS?

Please refer to Key Background Documentation (below). Due to the need to run an objective, fair and transparent procurement process, the procurement phase of the TRAS project will inevitably involve confidential information that needs to be carefully managed.

For this reason, you will not find detailed information about this project on the SPAA or DCUSA websites. The TRAS Working Group, the TRAS Evaluation Panel, the SPAA Executive Committee and DCUSA Panel members are bound by confidentiality and no approach of any kind in connection with the procurement is to be made to any other person within or associated with SPAA or DCUSA.

You can also find information on the TRAS ​​Portal, for which you will require a user account. All energy Suppliers can obtain access to the TRAS Portal. Please contact to request access.

Key Background Documentation

​Please follow the links below to Key Background Documentation on the Ofgem website.

TRAS Register

TRAS080 - Amendment of Meter status and Rejection of Duplicate MPRNMPAN.docxTRAS080 - Amendment of Meter status and Rejection of Duplicate MPRNMPANTRAS080Amendment of Meter status and Rejection of Duplicate MPRN-MPAArea 1Raised30/10/2017