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​​​​​​Guidelines and Templates

In this section you can find all the forms and guidance notes in relation to DCUSA processes. In more particular these cover:

DCUSA Parties

  • Accession and Withdrawal from the DCUSA

Change Proposals

  • Raising a Change Proposal
  • Consultations
  • Derogation Application

Working Groups

  • Claiming Expenses
  • Professional and Legal Support For Working Groups
  • Working Group Membership


  • Raising an Issue


  • Late Payments


  • Reporting (DNO Cost Information)
  • Guidance on Models (CDCM, EDCM)
  • Training
  • Using the DCUSA website

Should you require more information, please contact us at 020 7432 3011 or email

Accession and Withdrawal from the DCUSA

  • To submit a party application, please go to the "How to become a DCUSA Party" section here. For more information on the process and a downloadable application form, as well as a withdrawal letter see below.


Annual Review Pack (ARP)

  • The "Annual Review Pack" (ARP) is a document completed by each Distribution Network Operation (DNO) Party which provides indicative pricing.  The ARP contains detail of historical and forecast Common Distribution Charging Methodology (CDCM) (see below) inputs and a forecast of use of system tariffs for the next 5 years.
  • Each DNO's ARP is avaialble in the Publications section of the website.  You can find the template and submission timetabl below.
ARP_Version 102_1 April 2015GuidelinesAnnual Review Pack583 KB 10201/04/2015
ARP_1 April 2017 Pre-ReleaseGuidelinesAnnual Review Pack590 KB pre-release25/11/2014
ARP Submission Timetable 2014- 2015GuidelinesAnnual Review Pack43 KB 01/01/2014
Annual Review Pack_ARP_template v 1.02GuidelinesAnnual Review Pack857 KB 02/04/2013


Change Proposals

  • Chages to the DCUSA an be proposed by any Party and specified others and are voted on by DCUSA Parties. For guidance on how to submit Change Proposals and the Change Proposal form, please see below.


Derogation Applications

Where a DCUSA Party is not able to implement a change to the DCUSA in the stipulated time, it may ask for a derogation from the new or changed obligation.



  • DCUSA Working Group members may request to be reimbursed for their reasonable travel expenses by submitting the expenses application form.  The expenses process is set out below. Please note that all DCUSA expenses application forms need to include the receipt showing cost of the travel being claimed.



  • DCUSA Parties and interested parties can raise issues for debate at the DCUSA Standing Issues Group (SIG), which may at a later stage evolve into changes to the DCUSAor other Industry codes. Please find below more guidance on how to raise an issue and the according form.
DCUSA Issues Form v4.0GuidelinesIssues284 KB 16/08/2018
DCMDG Issues Form v1.0GuidelinesIssues284 KB 04/01/2018
DCUSA Standing Issues Group (SIG) Briefing Note With 2015 Meeting DatesGuidelinesIssues238 KB 1.003/10/2014


Late Payments

  • DCUSA Parties are required to pay their DCUSA budget contribution quarterly. In case of late payments, the procedure below applies:


Charging Methodology Models

  • In order to calculate Distribution Use of System Tariffs in accordance with the methodologies defined within the DCUSA, DNOs must use the charging methodology models published by the DCUSA Panel.  These models are as follows:
DCUSA Charging Methodology Pre - Release  01 April 2018GuidelinesCharging Methodology Models2294 KB 29/01/2018
CDCM and EDCM User Manuals on the ENA website only GuidelinesCharging Methodology Models168 KB 1.021/06/2013


Professional and Legal Advice Policy

  • DCUSA Working Groups may ask for professional and legal advice for developing changes to the DCUSA.  For more information on the policy , please see below.


Website Guidance

  • Please find below guidance on the website and how to become a website user. To register as a website user, please click here.


Working Groups

Below you can find a set of guidance notes and forms in relation to DCUSA Working Group membership.

Guidance Notes

Competition Law Guidance for the Panel and Working Groups v1.0GuidelinesWorking Group Guidance Notes168 KB 1.011/03/2019
DCUSA Working Group FAQs v13GuidelinesWorking Group Guidance Notes115 KB 1311/03/2019
DCUSA Working Group Introductory Letter v4.0GuidelinesWorking Group Guidance Notes60 KB 4.011/03/2019
Example DCUSA Working Group Terms of ReferenceGuidelinesWorking Group Guidance Notes206 KB 1511/03/2019