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​​DCUSA Document Archive ​

​This section contains previous versions of the DCUSA. Please click here​ to go to the current version of the agreement.

You can access the previous versions by clicking on the version number. You can similarly access the Change Proposals that were implemented by each version.

Change Proposals Implemented
Version v11.1-Full Textv11.101/04/20196151 KB DCUSA v11.1_Public.pdf338; 335; 324
Version v11.0-Full Textv11.028/02/20196065 KB DCUSA v11.0_Public.pdf330; 331
Version v10.5-Full Textv10.501/11/20187658 KB DCUSA v10.5_Public.pdf322; 320; 317; 327; 323; 312; 318
Version v10.4-Full Textv10.424/07/20187551 KB DCUSA v10.4_Public.pdf304
Version v10.3-Full Textv10.328/06/20187666 KB DCUSA v10.3_Public.pdf315; 305; 294
Version v10.2-Full Textv10.224/05/20186086 KB DCUSA v10.2 Public.pdf316
Version v10.1-Full Textv10.111/05/20187676 KB DCUSA v10.1_Public.pdf288
Version v10.0-Full Textv10.003/04/20185079 KB DCUSA v10.0 Public.pdf161; 222; 228; 234; 273; 290; 293; 310
Version v9.6-Full Textv9.622/02/20185670 KB DCUSA v9.6 Public.pdf308; 309
Version v9.5-Full Textv9.502/11/20176139 KB DCUSA v9.5 Public.pdf301; 300; 299; 226
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