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​​How To Receive Updates and Email Alerts

If you would like to receive updates and email alerts related to changes made to this website, please email In the email, please explain your interest in the DCUSA website and the areas of the website you would like to be kept updated on.

As a registered user, you are able to configure alerts on any page, list of data or specific data item you wish. Alert configuration is accessible from the “ribbon” at the top of the page, i.e. the area with light grey background immediately above the DCUSA logo as shown below.​

DCUSA Ribbon

Page Updates

To receive updates on a page, click on “PAGE” in the ribbon. This will open the “Page Ribbon options”

Page Ribbon

Click on the “Alert Me​” icon

Alert Me

Click on “Set an a​​lert on this page” menu option. You will now be presented with a dialog that lets you configure when and how alerts are sent to you.

New Alert

Please note that the DCUSA website does not support sending alerts via SMS so leave the “Delivery Method” to be email.​

Select the type of changes you wish to be alerted on within the “Send Alerts For These Changes” area.

Select when alerts are sent to you using the “When to Send Alerts” area.

Once you have configured alerts, click “OK” to save the configuration. You will then shortly receive an email message to confirm that the alerts have been configured.

List Updates

The DCUSA website uses data tables or lists to hold data related to the site. For example, the “News” items on your personalised home page are held in a list. You can set up an alert on any table of data as follows:

Using your mouse, click anywhere within the body of the list of data, for example to receive alerts on the News items list, click within the text of any news item. You will see that the ribbon updates to now have two additional options: “ITEMS” and “LIST”.

Ribbon Updates

Click on the “LIST” option.

Page Updates

Click on “Alert Me”. The process is then the same as described above for “Page Updates”.

Item Updates

Item updates allow you to receive updates only on a single item of interest within a particular data table or list. The process to configure Item Updates is largely the same as for List Updates described above.

First, click into the specific item within the data list that you wish to receive an update on. The ribbon will update to show options for “ITEMS” and “LIST”. Now click on the “ITEMS” option.​​​

Item Updates

As before, click on the “Alert Me” icon and then follow the process as described for “Page Updates”.