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​​​​​​​​​​​Code Administrator​ Code of ​​Practice (CACoP) Principles

​What is the CACoP?​​​

As part of Ofgem's Code Governance Review the Code Administrator Code of Practice was extablished which aims to provide a consistent approach and level of service across associated code modifications. It contains 13 principles to facilitate convergence and transparency in code Modification processes and to help protect the interests of small market participants and consumers.

expand Summary Title : 1##Principle 1-SPAN-Code Administrators shall be Critical Friends ‎(1)
expand Summary Title : 2##Principle 2-SPAN-Documentation Published by Code Administrators shall be in clear English ‎(1)
expand Summary Title : 3##Principle 3-SPAN-Information will be promptly and publicly available to users ‎(1)
expand Summary Title : 4##Principle 4-SPAN-This Code of Practice will be reviewed periodically and subject to amendment by users ‎(1)
expand Summary Title : 5##Principle 5-SPAN-Code Administrators shall support processes which enable users to access a ‘pre-Modification’ process to discuss and develop Modifications ‎(1)
expand Summary Title : 6##Principle 6-SPAN-The Proposer of a Modification will retain ownership of the detail of their solution ‎(1)
expand Summary Title : 7##Principle 7-SPAN-Code Administrators will facilitate alternative solutions to issues being developed to the same degree as an original solution ‎(1)
expand Summary Title : 8##Principle 8-SPAN-Estimates of implementation costs to central systems will be produced and consulted upon prior to a Modification being recommended for approval ‎(1)
expand Summary Title : 9##Principle 9-SPAN-Legal text will be produced and consulted upon prior to a Modification being recommended for approval ‎(1)
expand Summary Title : a1##Principle 10-SPAN-Modifications will be consulted upon and easily accessible to users, who will be given reasonable time to respond ‎(1)
expand Summary Title : a2##Principle 11-SPAN-There will be flexibility for implementation, to allow proportionate delivery time and realisation of benefits ‎(1)
expand Summary Title : a3##Principle 12-SPAN-The Code Administrators will report annually on agreed metrics ‎(1)
expand Summary Title : a4##Principle 13-SPAN-Code Administrators will ensure cross code co-ordination to progress changes efficiently where modifications impact multiple codes ‎(1)

Where c​an I view the CACoP?

The CACoP document is available on th​e Ofgem website via the following link: Ofgem Approved CACoP Document​

Supporting Documents

CACOP Annual Report 2014
CACOP Principle 12 Annual Report for 2015
Code Administration joint working practice Document
Critical Friend Top 5
DCUSA Self Governance Guidance 1.0