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​​​​​​​​​Project Working Groups

The majority of DCUSA Working Groups are set up to develop Change Proposals to the DCUSA. However, the Panel may also set up Working Groups for specific issues related to the operation of the DCUSA.

​The DCUSA Panel directed that the a DCUSA SIG Subgroup be set up to develop a solution(s) to DCUSA Issue Form (DIF) 50 'RTS Management in SMETS 2'
LiveJoseph Underwood
The Interventions Working Group is established to assist the DCUSA Panel in the evaluation of the operation of Clause 30.5 of DCUSA as it pertains to the roll out of Smart meters. The Working Group should consider the key principles of Clause 30.5  and report back to the DCUSA Panel on whether any changes to these principles are required.
LiveLauren Nicholls
The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the proposed changes to the ETTOS contract and other ETTOS related matters.
LiveFungai Madzivadondo
Procurement Working Group
LiveAlexandra Moore
DCP 299 is being progressed by the Theft Issues Group
LiveFungai Madzivadondo
The TIG has been established to ensure that theft issues are considered holistically. The scope of the group will include matters relating to the ETTOS Service, Gas Theft Detection Incentive Scheme, Theft Assessment Calculator, Theft of Energy Code of Practice Subgroups and other theft related matters.
LiveFungai Madzivadondo
Theft Steering Group
LiveFungai Madzivadondo
The purpose of the TRAM Review Group is to carry out a review of the Theft Risk Assessment Methodology.
TRAS Expert Group - Closed Session
LiveFungai Madzivadondo
TRAS Expert Group - Closed Session
LiveFungai Madzivadondo
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