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​​​​​Project Working Groups Archive

Please find below a list of Project Working Groups that have completed their work.​

The DCP 195A Post-Implementation Review Working Group is established to assist the DCUSA Panel in the evaluation of DCP 195A ‘Service Level Agreement for Resolving Network Operational Issues’. The Working Group should consider the key principles of DCP 195A and report back to the DCUSA Panel on whether any changes to these principles are required.
Review of Clause 25 – Energisation, De-Energisation and Re-Energisation
Develop the website requirements in the framework of the DCUSA Website Review.
To support the DCUSA Panel in the discussion and assessment of DCUSA Issues.
This Working Group has been established by the DCUSA Panel to procure a Theft Risk Assessment Service (TRAS) provider.
CeasedClaire Hynes
ETTOS Working Group
CeasedFungai Madzivadondo
to consider establishing Governance Arrangements under DCUSA for IDNO/ DNO Billing’
The purpose of the project is to create a Standard List of Registered Credit Assessment Agencies
Market Testing Project Group
CeasedRosalind Timperley
Quarterly DNO Stakeholder teleconferences are organised by the Energy Networks Association. The dates are included on the ElectraLink website for information only.
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