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​​​​​​​​​​​​​Issues Register

Issues can be raised by Parties and other interested industry participants. They may result in changes to the DCUSA or its guidelines or may be taken to other industry codes. The DCUSA Standing Issues Group​ is the discussion forum which considers the development of issues.

Please find a register of the open and closed issues below.​

DIF 57 Effectiveness of the current provision of unsecured coverOpen
DIF 56 Double voting rights within DCUSAOpen
DIF 54Billing and Remittance via data flowOpen
The DCUSA SIG considered this issue at the 27 July 2018 meeting. The proposer has agreed to draft a Change Proposal using the guidence recieved during SIG meeting.
DIF 55Rota disconnections DVDClosed
DIF 53National Terms of Connection (NToC) - De-Energisation Closed
DIF 52Operational ContactsClosed
The DCUSA SIG will consider this issue at their next meeting on the 26 March 2017.
DIF 51Letters Of Credit and Bank Credit RatingsClosed
The DCUSA SIG will consider this issue at their next meeting on the 31 March 2017.
DIF 50RTS Management in SMETS2Closed
The DCUSA SIG discussed this issue on the 27 May 2016 and will make a recommendation to the DCUSA Panel on the 15 June 2016 for a DCUSA SIG Subgroup to be set up to consider this matter.The DCUSA SIG agreed that this issue should consider the changes required to Schedule 8 ‘Demand Control’ for Load Managed Areas (LMAs) with specific requirements such as the islands in North Scotland which are monitored and have specific weather correction and heat load switch correction and the rest of the energy industry where the primary function of RTS is switching.
DIF 49National Terms Of Connection – Section 3 Power Factor Clause DefectClosed
The proposer’s Company of DIF 049 has decided to close this issue on the reactive power usage of the customer. The solution of this issue has been sufficiently considered at the DCUSA SIG to allow the proposers Company or an alternative party to raise the CP.
DIF 48Amendment to Section 2A Clause 23.3 InterestClosed
At the 29 May 2015 meeting, the DCUSA SIG advised that it is described as reasonable administration charge in DCUSA so it is VAT is applicable. The Late Payments of Commercial Debts Act is only applicable if there is not a remedy, where Parties agree a remedy the statute does not apply. The proposer agreed to withdraw this issue based on the advice provided above.
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