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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Change Proposal Register

Changes to the DCUSA can be proposed by any Party and certain specified others and are voted on by those DCUSA Parties affected by the change. Some changes to the DCUSA are self-governed and the outcome is determined by the vote. For others, that meet certain specified criteria, Ofgem makes the final decision and in these cases the vote forms a recommendation, from the voting Parties to Ofgem, as to whether the change should be made.

Below is a list of all current Change Proposals raised against the DCUSA, shown in descending numerical order. You can sort the Change Proposals by area and status. If you follow the link to the Change Proposal in question you can find out more about the change proposed, the associated Working Group and its meetings.

Approved Change Proposals are implemented in scheduled and ad hoc releases. For information on the releases, click here.

328Use of system charging for private networks with competition in supplyStandardDefinition17/08/2018
327Requirement to Provide Supplier Theft Contacts StandardApproved (Awaiting Implementation)17/09/2018
326 Introduction of Load Diversification Identifiers for Load Managed Areas StandardDefinition20/07/2018
325Reviewing the requirements of Sections 35A ('Provision of Cost Information'), 35B ('Production of the Annual Review Pack'), Schedule 15 ('Cost Information Table') and Schedule 20 ('Production of the Annual Review Pack')StandardDefinition20/07/2018
324National Grid Legal Separation Changes to the DCUSAStandardApproved (Awaiting Implementation)17/09/2018
323Removal of Unused Data ItemsTRASApproved (Awaiting Implementation)12/09/2018
322ETTOS Tip-Offs Read and Response Timelines StandardApproved (Awaiting Implementation)12/09/2018
321Removal of residual charging for embedded generators in the EDCMEDCMDefinition22/06/2018
320DCUSA Ltd Shareholder ProvisionsStandardApproved (Awaiting Implementation)17/07/2018
319Removal of residual charging for embedded generators in the CDCMCDCMDefinition16/05/2018
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