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​​​​​​​​​​Change Proposal Register - Archive​

The Change Proposal Register Archive provides information related to Change Proposals that have been previously implemented, rejected or withdrawn. You can sort the Change Proposals by area and status. If you follow the link to the Change Proposal in question you can find out more about the Change Proposal, and where applicable the associated Working Group and their meetings.   ​​

Changes to the DCUSA can be proposed by any Party and by certain other individuals specified in the DCUSA. There are a number of potential progression routes for each Change Proposal and this Change Register details the status of each of the current Change Proposals. All Change Proposals are voted on by those DCUSA Parties affected by the change. Some changes to the DCUSA are self-governed, meaning that the Party vote determines whether or not the change is made. For other Change Proposals, that meet certain specified criteria, Ofgem makes the final decision and in these cases the Party vote acts as a recommendation to Ofgem, as to whether the change should be made.

316General Data Protection Regulation Compliance for DCUSAStandardImplemented24/05/2018
310ENA Office MoveStandardImplemented03/04/2018
309Reporting ETTOS Identified Theft to the TRAS Service ProviderTRASImplemented22/02/2018
308Notice period to change Revenue Protection AgentStandardImplemented22/02/2018
305LDNO Boundary Level Definitions in the EDCMEDCMImplemented28/06/2018
304Metering Works by Non-Appointed Meter OperatorStandardImplemented24/07/2018
303Provision of Electricity Market-share data to SMICoP LimitedStandardRejected18/07/2017
301Update Schedule 25 - Appendix 2 data itemsTRASImplemented02/11/2017
300Panel members and alternatesStandardImplemented02/11/2017
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