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DCUSA Version 14.4

DCUSA Version 14.4

DCUSA version 14.4 is available on the DCUSA website as of 18 July 2022.

Where can I locate the document?

The document can be found via and is available in a number of different formats which can all be accessed from the landing page. The formats available are set out below:


All previous versions of the DCUSA can be found in pdf format, on the DCUSA document landing page via the same link above.

Which DCUSA Change Proposal (DCP) has been implemented?

DCUSA v14.4 implements the following DCP:

DCP Description of the change Impacts
DCP 401 ‘Consequential DCUSA changes for Switching SCR (REC 3.0)’ DCP 401 has been raised as part of Ofgem’s Switching Significant Code Review (SCR) which will introduce the new Central Switching Service (CSS) and version 3.0 of the Retail Energy Code (REC 3.0). This Change Proposal progresses the consequential DCUSA changes needed to align with REC 3.0.

In general, DCP 401 introduces some new terms (e.g. Central Switching Service or CSS, Electricity Retail Data Service, Registration De-Activation Request etc) and amends/removes some existing terms (e.g. MPAS, MPAS Registration System, Registration Notice etc) and therefore the areas where these are referenced throughout the rest of the document and the processes they are part of, are updated accordingly.

Please note DCP 401 makes an amendments to:

  • Section 1A: Clause 1 ‘Definitions and Interpretation’
  • Section 1B: Clause 8 ‘Costs of the DCUSA’
  • Section 1C: Clause 12 ‘Voting’
  • Section 2A:
    • Clause 25 ‘Energisation, De-Energisation And Re-Energisation’
    • Clause 30 ‘Provision Of Information’
  • Section 3: Clause 54 ‘Termination’
  • Schedule 1 ‘Cover’
  • Schedule 8 ‘Demand Control’
  • Schedule 16 ‘Common Distribution Charging Methodology’
  • Schedule 32 ‘Residual Charging Bands’
  • Schedule 33 ‘Disconnections’

When is the next DCUSA release?

The known forthcoming DCUSA release dates are as follows:

Type of Release and Version Number Date
Standard Release v14.0 24 February 2022
Special Release **Charging Methodologies** v14.1 01 April 2022
Extra Special Release v14.2 07 June 2022
Standard Release v14.3 23 June 2022
Extra Special Release v14.4 CSS Go Live Date – 18 July 2022)
Standard Release v14.x 03 November 2022


Where Can I Find Further Information?

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of the items in this email further, please contact the DCUSA helpdesk via:

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