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DCUSA Goes Digital

DCUSA Goes Digital


The DCUSA Panel have commissioned ElectraLink as the Code Administrator for the DCUSA, to create a digitised version of the DCUSA document and we have just released it onto the DCUSA website.

The digital document is easier to navigate with the more comprehensive table of contents for you to use as well as hyperlinks throughout each section and schedule where the text refers to another clause, paragraph, or other specified area. Using hyperlinks in this way allows for the reuse of content, meaning the same information can be presented in more than one place.

This is the first step on a journey along the path to digitalisation as the outputs from a digitised document allow a range of uses in an online and connected world.

Digitalisation builds on this foundation by using the now digitised content to create outputs in ways that can be matched to a variety of stakeholders, functions, and preferences. Digitalisation also encompasses how processes can be transformed across the digital spectrum, including the way in which stakeholders interact with these processes. Therefore, watch this space over the coming months and years for further developments in the digitalisation of the DCUSA and some of the processes that are contained within it.

How do you find the Digital DCUSA Document?

Easy, just click the ‘DCUSA Document’ menu item and select it from the options available.

What are some of the features of the Digital DCUSA Document?
On the left-hand side of the page, there is the table of contents, which to begin with is neatly collapsed down.

To the left of each item in the list, you will notice small icons which can be clicked independently of the text beside it.

  • Clicking the plus icon will expand the list down a level so that you can navigate to specific clauses or sections.
  • Clicking on document icon or the text of any item in the list will populate the main area of the screen with the relevant text.
  • Clicking on the minus icon, will collapse the items back to their previous state.

So, in just a few clicks you can find anywhere in the document you need and then can navigate easily should you wish to look at another piece of text.
Within the main window where the document text is held,  you’ll notice  hyperlinks within the text which are internal cross references to other  parts of the document. Clicking the hyperlink will take to you to those internal references (or you could also use the navigation pane if you wish to). If you follow an internal hyperlink and then wish to return to the page you were on, you can just use the browsers ‘back’ button, however, this may not take you directly to the position where you left the page, therefore, you may wish to open another section in a new browser ‘tab’ or ‘window’.
You can click the magnifying glass at the top of the navigation pane, which allows you to search keywords within the document.

For example, if you wanted to search for ‘disputes’ you would just start to type that word into the box and it will start to suggest a few words that you might be looking to search on, as in the example to the left:

You can either select from a suggested word(s) by clicking the word(s) you wish to search for, or you can continue to type the word(s) in full and hitting enter.

The pane will then show you the parts of the document that contain the word ‘disputes’, as in the example to the right:

You can then click on the area of interest that you want to review, and you will be taken to that area, where you’ll see that the search word is highlighted on the page in yellow, as in the example below:

Is this replacing the pdf version?

At this stage, we will be maintaining the pdf version as the official and formal DCUSA document and the digital version as an additional extra. This is being done whilst we iron out any issues in the digital version and potentially make some minor improvements if we believe there is benefit in doing so.

Is there anything else I should know?

Yes, we would like to let you know that the process for maintaining the digital version is new and whilst we will make every attempt to have it updated at the same time as the pdf version, there may be occasions where the digital version is updated a day or two after the pdf version. However, as the process matures this is less likely to occur.

Finally, we welcome any feedback you have, whether that is because you think you have identified an error or another issue that should be resolved or wish to suggest an improvement to the digital document and/or have a suggestion for an area that could benefit from digitalisation.  You can provide feedback via any of the normal channels, including:

·        Webchat:

·        Email: [email protected]; or

·        Phone: 020 7432 3011

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